Great Interest in "Wind & Economy" at EWEA 2015 in Paris

At the EWEA 2015 in Paris, Dr. Hans-Peter Waldl, Managing Director of Overspeed, introduced the new product "Wind & Economy" to onshore participants as part of a workshop. The software for optimised planning of large wind farms on sea and land, developed within the framework of the EU project “EERA-DTOC”, was met with interest by companies from Norway, the USA and Germany.

Managing Director Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl presenting the Wind & Economy Software at EWEA 2015 in Paris

“In the USA, wind farms on land are larger than offshore wind farms in Germany. Our program equips developers with the tools to optimise the placement of rotors to achieve maximum yield”, explains Waldl.

Despite the fact that around a third of the enrolled participants cancelled their visit to the fair due to the security situation as a result of the terror attacks – including the “big guys”: Enercon and SKF – the fair was, from the perspective of the specialized topics covered, highly interesting according to Waldl. 100 expert speakers, 350 exhibitors and 6.500 visitors took part.