Supporting Wind Farm Developers: Wind & Economy presented at DEWEK Wind Energy Conference

What can we do to support wind farm developers? The answer is given by the Wind & Economy Offshore Wind Farm Optimisation Tool which was presented at this year’s DEWEK Wind Energy Conference. Dr. Waldl, managing director of Overspeed, together with representatives from DTU Wind Energy (Denmark) and ECN (The Netherlands) demonstrated the software’s benefits: “To speed up the wind farm development process” and “To bring down development costs”.

Managing Director Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl presenting the Wind&Economy Software at DEWEK 2015
Managing Director Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl presenting the Wind & Economy Software at DEWEK 2015

The Wind & Economy software was developed as part of the EU-funded R&D project EERA-DTOC and will be commercially available in Q4/2015.


DEWEK is one of the wind industry’s most important forums focusing on science and technology developments. DEWEK 2015 offered two days of cutting-edge research results and expert presentations. More than 400 visitors participated.